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5 Exterior Design Trends for Perfect Curb Appeal in 2019

Updated: Jun 4, 2019


If you’re considering building a new home or renovating your existing one, these five design trends are a great place to start brainstorming for the exterior design of your home! Everything from philosophy to color, this post is sure to get your gears turning towards the exterior design that is right for you and your home.

1. Simplicity & Transparency

Call me crazy, but I believe this design trend is here to stay for some time. Why? Simply put, this upcoming homeowning generation values transparency in all facets of life. Some say this generation felt burned by the big banks on Wall Street or their misgivings in politics— whatever the case may be, simplicity and transparency is something that has found its way into home design.

What does this mean? Well, it means that homeowners aren't trying to hide or make their homes something it's not. They want to update their homes but they aren't trying to force a style or completely change their home with false additions or excessive things that won't add to the quality of their lives (Thanks Marie Kondo!).

It also means that homeowners don't want unnecessary ornament. They aren't looking to over decorate their homes like those of the recent past. They are finding creative ways to expose and celebrate the beauty in their existing homes in creative and modern ways.

2. Dark Exterior Colors | Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse is a trend that has shown no signs of slowing down. It has revitalized board and batten siding, steep pitched gables and large expansive porches. If modern farmhouse design is something you're after here are the major design elements that make up the ever popular style.

While the farmhouse style is pushing full steam into 2019, what is different about the exterior design style of these homes is their deviation from stark white. What you will see more of in 2019 are darker and bolder exterior house colors for this style of home. Black hues, Charcoal Hues, and even Hues of Navy will become more prevalent with the progression of 2019.

And this design trend won't be exclusive to the Modern Farmhouse style— the bolder exterior colors will continue to find traction across all styles in 2019.

Usable Outdoor Living Spaces

2019 will be a year you see more and more creative outdoor living spaces. Homeowners are moving away from homes with expansive living spaces for ones with exterior ones.

You'll notice modest patios, covered porches, fire pits and screened porches! People aren't seeking refuge in homes with many rooms but in homes with outdoor ones instead.

They are turning away from the McMansions of the past with expansive indoor spaces and instead investing in homes with expansive outdoor spaces. They want homes that create the ability for them to live a life outside of the home, even if that means a flat in the city near a local coffee shop and city park.

Natural Materials

2019 will see a continuation of natural materials, especially on the exterior. Homeowners want accents of natural wood tones.

Shutters, doors, furniture, porch columns, planter boxes, siding, there's something really attractive when natural hues are brought into a home's curb appeal.

Here we have a mixture of all types of natural and wood tones incorporated into the entrance of this home, drawing the eye and creating a welcoming warmth!

Black Windows | Dark Trim

Nothing says modern update quite like black window frames. 2019 will see a continued rise in sale of black windows. We will also see a continued use of dark hues used for home trim.

No matter what project you are tackling in 2019 Visioneering Homes is here to help! From helping you decide the right exterior paint color, to designing your complete home exterior remodel, our services are geared to help you discover the curb appeal that best fits your style and your home. You send us photos - we help you design. It's simple, easy, and a ton fun! Don't spend another day designing your home without checking out our website. You'll be glad you did!

See an example of our work below. Use the slider to see the before and after!


About the Author: Brad is the CEO & Founder of Visioneering Homes. He is passionate about all things architecture, residential design, and providing easy access for homeowners to professional design services. Him and his wife have 3 kids and enjoy an adventurous life in the mountains of the American west. When he is not helping you make design decisions for your home, he's camping, hiking, playing basketball, visiting museums, national parks, and doing house projects with his family.


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