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Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Our clients rave about how unique, fun, and exciting it is for them to see their homes Visioneered! There’s something exciting about seeing a fresh color palette and new features that tickles the fancy; and honestly, it's probably more fun and exciting for us to help homeowners limit their frustrations and find clarity in their designs!

But before we can help you find a vision for your home, we need a good foundation to build upon, that is to say, we need a great picture of your home. As far as equipment is concerned, there’s no need to use an expensive camera, your smart phone camera will work just fine as long as you follow these few steps.

Step 1: Remove the Extras

First, start by moving the cars out of the driveway and remove things like the garbage cans out of view. Think of your house as a blank slate, everything in the way may hinder the ability to see a beautiful blank canvas or the finer details of your home.

Step 2: Avoid Shadows & Darkness

Second, pay attention to how the sun affects your photo. If the house is completely or mostly in shadow it's more difficult to get a true read on the color. The absolute best photos are taken on overcast days when the sun isn't casting harsh highlights and shadows across your home. The next best thing is taking photos at dusk or dawn while the sun is lower in the sky. Below are some examples of how the sun affects your photo in a negative way.

The first image is totally in shadow and it's hard to see the clay/red color of the home because of how dark the front of the home appears. A photo taken on an overcast day would drastically improve the image quality. The second image (besides the beautiful tree and not-so-pretty portable toilet in the parkway) has dramatic shadows cast across the front of the home. These highlights + shadows make the color selection vary so dramatically, it's difficult to get a good idea what the color of your home will look like.

The above photos are better examples of good photos to Visioneer your home! Even though the sun is still fairly high in the sky on the first photo, the entire front of the home is pretty evenly lit. There aren't dramatic highlights or shadows scattered across the front isn't fully darkened by shadow, concealing the details. The second photo is an example of a photo taken at dusk. This photo too has an evenly lit front without harsh shadows.

Step 3: Get the Composition Right

Lastly, look at the composition of your shot. We recommend centering your shot from the front door from the ground level. This is the best angle that most people will see when they approach your home. If you can't get the entire house/yard into one shot, that's okay! From that very same spot just take a few photos to the left and right of your home and we can stitch them together to get one panoramic view of your home! Lastly, check to make sure the photos aren't blurry!

If you aren't sure your photo is perfect for your Visioneering project, no sweat! There is a no risk consultation before each project where we can help give you further direction for how to take the perfect photo that will render the best results! Contact us anytime at: And if you haven't already be certain to stop by our website to see more project examples and how our clients feel about our services!

Updated: May 26, 2022

If you're looking to add a little spice to your home's exterior one place to consider is adding a portico. Not only does a new portico add style but it adds function to your home by keeping your entry dry and protected. If large enough, a portico can also provide a comfortable place to sit to enjoy the front of your home and a hangout spot when you get some visitors at your door! Enjoy the several examples of portico additions that are sure to impress and inspire ideas for your home design!

Colonial Porticos

Home Exterior Design with new Colonial Portico Addition White Limewash Brick and Colonial Modern Home Design

Modern Colonial/Tudor Style Portico

Modern Colonial Exterior Design Transformation with Painted brick and modern siding, box bay windows, new portico and metal roof, with juliet balcony and new porch

Mountain Timber and Stone Portico

Ranch Home Exterior Design Transformation with a Timber Portico and Stone Columns

Colonial to Modern Portico Transformation

Exterior Home Modern Design Transformation Two Story With Painted Brick and Modern Canopy Transformation

Modern Stone and Steel Portico Emphasizing the Entry

Modern Exterior Design Transformation Wood Exterior Siding Panel Siding and New Modern Portico

Craftsman Porch and Portico

Craftsman Exterior Design Remodel Porch addition and portico, with stone columns, board and batten siding and Cedar Shingle Siding, new front door and white windows

Peaked Portico At Entry

Two Story Home Exterior Design Transformation with Portico Addition at Entry and Board and Batten siding with New Black Windows, White siding, Dark Garage, and new front double doors.

While we are mostly focused on the overall, big-picture when it comes to our exterior home designs, we thought we would share some of our favorite quick and easy DIY projects that you can master in a weekend. And as you glean from our wisdom, we may benefit from your purchases!

1. Pizzazz Your Door With Some Pizzaint

You've likely heard this one before because it's low-hanging fruit! Painting your front door is quick, cheap and easy and can have quite an impact on the look of your home which makes this one of our favorite easy projects!

Our expert tip; Have fun with this and be bold with your color selection! This is an easy place to introduce complimentary color and, most importantly, showcase your personality. We've designed homes with all types and colors of doors, including purple! A semi-gloss paint is recommended for these high-contact spots that will protect the finish and keep it easy to clean.

2. A Place to Hang says... Stay a While!

Adding seating is another very simple addition that can add to your homes design. Find some chairs and a bistro table or toughen up those keyboard hands by making your own porch swing. Adding a seating element to the front of your home, yard, or garden can instantly make your home feel more welcoming and inviting!

Our Expert Tip; If you don't have a large covered porch just add a couple of Polywood Adirondack chairs to the yard. Not only do these come in a wide array of fun colors, they can be placed almost anywhere to give you a comfy place to enjoy your yard!

3. Do 'You' With a Freak'n Sweet Welcome Mat

Stop boring your guests' feet and welcome them with a welcome mat that excites—they'll be tickled you did! After all, the front door is the first place your guests interact with and a welcome mat can be a tone-setter for your home! And better yet, you can practice all those skills you've learned from your weekends at the art and wine to practice and DIY your own with a bit of paint and your boring mat.

Aren't up for the challenge to make it yourself, check out the awesome selection available from Etsy!

4. Can I Have Yo Number?

Chances are your house number is probably due for an update, especially if its comprised of those 4" gold serif font. Do your house a favor and get some upscale numbers, make sure they are large and legible from the street, and place them on a contrasting plaque. You can even find numbers to match the style/architecture of your home.

House numbers on black plaque for exterior design modern home.

5. Light Up The Night!

Updating light fixtures is quite easy but the right fixtures can elevate your exterior design! Good lighting greatly increases safety, helps with wayfinding by lighting pathways at night, but most importantly, it gives your home those sexy night vibes! Uplights on your landscaping gives you off a soft lighting and can border a nice patio. Path lights are a great way to quickly provide some light on your paths and string lights exclaim PARTY!

Our Expert Tip; Be sure your fixture style matches your house design; when you get it right, it may go unnoticed but when it you get it wrong it stands out. Also make sure your house numbers are illuminated at night! Fixtures don't have to break the bank either—like these sexy little modern porch lights.

If you're looking for more assistance with your exterior design project we would love to help you discover the right design for your home! And if you're looking for some other simple DIY projects, and even on the interior, check out this blog post from our friends at Redfin!

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