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Our clients rave about how unique, fun, and exciting it is for them to see their homes Visioneered! There’s something exciting about seeing a fresh color palette and new features that tickles the fancy; and honestly, it's probably more fun and exciting for us to help homeowners limit their frustrations and find clarity in their designs!

But before we can help you find a vision for your home, we need a good foundation to build upon, that is to say, we need a great picture of your home. As far as equipment is concerned, there’s no need to use an expensive camera, your smart phone camera will work just fine as long as you follow these few steps.

Step 1: Remove the Extras

First, start by moving the cars out of the driveway and remove things like the garbage cans out of view. Think of your house as a blank slate, everything in the way may hinder the ability to see a beautiful blank canvas or the finer details of your home.

Step 2: Avoid Shadows & Darkness

Second, pay attention to how the sun affects your photo. If the house is completely or mostly in shadow it's more difficult to get a true read on the color. The absolute best photos are taken on overcast days when the sun isn't casting harsh highlights and shadows across your home. The next best thing is taking photos at dusk or dawn while the sun is lower in the sky. Below are some examples of how the sun affects your photo in a negative way.

The first image is totally in shadow and it's hard to see the clay/red color of the home because of how dark the front of the home appears. A photo taken on an overcast day would drastically improve the image quality. The second image (besides the beautiful tree and not-so-pretty portable toilet in the parkway) has dramatic shadows cast across the front of the home. These highlights + shadows make the color selection vary so dramatically, it's difficult to get a good idea what the color of your home will look like.

The above photos are better examples of good photos to Visioneer your home! Even though the sun is still fairly high in the sky on the first photo, the entire front of the home is pretty evenly lit. There aren't dramatic highlights or shadows scattered across the front isn't fully darkened by shadow, concealing the details. The second photo is an example of a photo taken at dusk. This photo too has an evenly lit front without harsh shadows.

Step 3: Get the Composition Right

Lastly, look at the composition of your shot. We recommend centering your shot from the front door from the ground level. This is the best angle that most people will see when they approach your home. If you can't get the entire house/yard into one shot, that's okay! From that very same spot just take a few photos to the left and right of your home and we can stitch them together to get one panoramic view of your home! Lastly, check to make sure the photos aren't blurry!

If you aren't sure your photo is perfect for your Visioneering project, no sweat! There is a no risk consultation before each project where we can help give you further direction for how to take the perfect photo that will render the best results! Contact us anytime at: And if you haven't already be certain to stop by our website to see more project examples and how our clients feel about our services!

When it comes to paint, color, and the use of materials in exterior home design for 2023, several exciting trends are emerging. Here are some of the most notable design trends we're seeing.

Bold Earthy and Natural Tones

Earthy and natural tones continue to hold their ground as popular choices for exterior home design. Soft shades inspired by nature, such as warm browns, muted greens, and soothing beiges, provide a timeless appeal and a harmonious connection with the environment. These colors work well with various architectural styles and lend a sense of warmth and serenity to the home's exterior.

Before and after image showcasing the exterior transformation of a house with new siding and an earthy monochromatic color scheme. In the 'before' image, the house appears worn-out and dated with faded siding and an uninspiring color palette. In the 'after' image, the house boasts a stunning makeover, featuring fresh and modern siding in earthy tones, creating a harmonious and inviting atmosphere. The new color scheme beautifully complements the architectural elements of the house, giving it a refreshed and stylish appearance.

Contrasting Material Combinations

Mixing and contrasting different materials is a trend that remains strong in 2023. Combining materials such as wood, metal, stone or a bold painted siding creates a visually striking effect, adding character and dimension to the home's exterior. Homeowners are loving the pairing of sleek painted siding or stucco with warm wooden elements.

Dark Accents and Monochromatic Schemes

Dark accents and monochromatic color schemes are increasingly popular in exterior home design. Deep shades like charcoal gray, navy blue, or black are used to create a sense of drama and sophistication. Pairing dark hues with lighter or contrasting elements, such as white trim or brightly colored doors, adds visual interest and creates a modern and elegant look.

Image showcasing a new home exterior design with new siding and a captivating dark color scheme. The house features rich wood tones on the siding, creating a warm and inviting aesthetic. The addition of sleek new garage doors further enhances the overall modern and sophisticated look of the house.

Bold Contrasting Color Blocking Schemes

In addition to monochromatic schemes we've seen an increase in requests for bold, contrasting color schemes. These schemes utilize vibrant and contrasting colors in distinct volumes or "blocks", creating a visually striking and modern look that offers more dramatic appeal.

Image featuring a new modern home exterior design with dark siding and a captivating light stone color blocking scheme. The dark siding provides a sleek and contemporary backdrop, while the light stone color blocking adds an element of contrast and visual interest. The addition of wood accents further enhances the overall aesthetic, infusing warmth and natural beauty into the design.

Maintenance Free Material Options

Homeowners are still seeking maintenance-free material options for their homes. Homeowners don't want the regular upkeep and added expenses of traditional maintenance-heavy materials like wood and painted surfaces. They are opting for more resilient exterior home finish options.

The year 2023 brings a diverse range of design trends for exterior home design regarding paint, color, and the use of materials. From bold and vibrant colors to earthy and natural tones, homeowners have the freedom to express their unique style and personality. Textured finishes, sustainable materials, and contrasting combinations further elevate the visual appeal of homes, creating stunning facades. Whether you choose to embrace boldness or opt for a more subdued approach, the trends of 2023 offer endless possibilities to transform your home's exterior and Huiz Home Design can help you create the unique character for your home.

Visit our website below to learn more about our unique, personal design experience!

If you're looking to add a little spice to your home's exterior one place to consider is adding a portico. Not only does a new portico add style but it adds function to your home by keeping your entry dry and protected. If large enough, a portico can also provide a comfortable place to sit to enjoy the front of your home and a hangout spot when you get some visitors at your door! Enjoy the several examples of portico additions that are sure to impress and inspire ideas for your home design!

Colonial Porticos

Top-notch colonial home renovation image with a new portico, landscaped surroundings, painted white brick, and elegant shutters. Witness the timeless sophistication of this remodel that enhances classic appeal and exemplifies stunning colonial home renovations

Modern Colonial/Tudor Style Portico

Explore the pinnacle of modern colonial exterior design with this image featuring a meticulously remodeled home. Witness the transformative power of a new portico, landscaped surroundings, painted white brick, and elegant shutters, blending timeless charm with contemporary aesthetics. Uncover the perfect inspiration for your modern colonial home renovation project in this captivating image

Mountain Timber and Stone Portico

Discover the essence of a modern craftsman mountain home in this captivating image, showcasing a monochrome color scheme and a striking wood portico. The seamless blend of contemporary elements and mountain-inspired design creates a harmonious and inviting ambiance. Unveil your dream retreat with this picture-perfect inspiration for a modern ranch craftsman mountain home, where style meets nature in perfect harmony

Colonial to Modern Portico Transformation

Explore captivating exterior design in this image of a split-level colonial home with wood siding and a sleek metal portico. Witness the seamless blend of contemporary accents and classic colonial architecture, perfect for exterior home design and renovation inspiration. Discover the allure of modern exterior renovation ideas, combining rustic wood and urban metal elements for a harmonious and sophisticated look

Modern Stone and Steel Portico Emphasizing the Entry

Experience the allure of a modern California ranch renovation in this captivating image. Featuring sleek design elements and contemporary touches, this transformation exemplifies the essence of modern exterior home design. Uncover the perfect inspiration for your California ranch renovation project, where a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and classic charm comes to life in this stunning visual

Craftsman Porch and Portico

Experience the enchanting world of exterior design in this image of a raised ranch craftsman home with a wood portico and porch. Witness the seamless fusion of craftsman charm and modern elements, perfect for exterior home design inspiration. Explore the expertise of an exterior design consultant, discovering the allure of contemporary renovations that incorporate natural wood accents and inviting porch spaces to create a harmonious and captivating ambiance

Peaked Portico At Entry

Unlock the beauty of exterior design with this image of a standard suburban colonial home featuring a wood portico and inviting porch. Experience the seamless blend of classic colonial charm and modern elements, perfect for exterior home design inspiration. Explore the expertise of an exterior design consultant, discovering the allure of contemporary renovations that incorporate natural wood accents, elevating the curb appeal of your suburban colonial home to a whole new level

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