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10 Exterior Design Before + Afters You Must See

Updated: May 22, 2021

In this article you will see ten examples of home transformations and the beautiful curb appeal these homeowners achieved through their exterior renovations. These exterior design before and afters range from the simple to the complex, both achieving dramatic results to help make their home more noticeable. We will also point out the few techniques that helped shape the exterior design results!


1. Bland to Grand Midcentury Modern Exterior Design:

Keys to this Remodel:

  1. Bring Attention to the Main Entry:The gabled portico clearly tells the passerby where to go.

  2. Color + Wood Accents: The modern blue in contrast to the warm wood tones works so well with this home. The dark window trim and beams accents also help add some depth to the color scheme

  3. Kept the Original Stone: I see more and more of this every year. Homeowners are opting to paint their stone or brick in the name of cleanliness and modernism. I believe there is definitely a time and place to paint or stain natural materials however, let this be a case study that the existing natural material can look great too!

2. Coastal Modern Exterior Transformation:

Yellow stucco get's a fresh coat of paint and some colorful accents to bring this home into the modern era.

Keys to this Exterior Renovation:

1. Entry Cover/Front patio: The covered entry/porch brings much-needed attention to the entry and functional outdoor space.

2. Lighter Color w/ Bright Accents: The white color tones down the body of the home while letting the bright colored bahama shutters, front door, and accents do most of the talking.

3. New Landscaping: Bright mulch, low-lying plants and beds help to soften the edges of the home, making the home appear much more settled into the landscape.

3. Modest Ranch Redo:

Keys to this Exterior Renovation: