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Your Front Door Tells A Story

Updated: May 18, 2019

Front Door Makeover Design Color
Your Front Door Tells A Story

"Don't judge a book by it's cover" is a common phrase that I often borrow to teach clients about the importance of their front doors. The reality is, we DO judge books by their covers. In fact, there’s a profession specifically dedicated to book cover design so that book covers can adequately reflect the author and the content inside the book. All that said, the cover sets the tone for what we expect to be inside.

Front Door Orange Color Design

Like a book cover, your front door is the very first impression others have of your home. It’s the first thing they see up close, touch, and interact with when they visit and is the anchor that sets the tone for the rest of the ensemble that happens within. And because our homes are often a reflection of who we are and what we value, the front door becomes a centerpiece that shares our message to our visitors.

So what message is your front door saying about you? What would you like it to say? Is the door complimenting the style of the home or lacking in style all together? From color and style to accents and accessories, there are many different ways you can communicate a message from your front door.

Warm Colors (red, orange, yellow, wood):

Moods: Energetic, Happy, Confident, Bold, Passionate

Works With: grays, whites, & cool colored homes.

Decorate With: Greens, Blues, Purples, Grays (complimentary & split complimentary accents)

Cool Colors (blue, purple, green):

Moods: Peaceful, Natural, Calming, Satisfying, Serene.

Works Best With: beige, greige, natural, and warm toned homes.

Decorate With: red, umbers, yellow (natural brick, flowers, earthy tones)

Black Door

Moods: Sophisticated, Classic, Timeless

Works Best With: almost any house color

Decorate With: whites or creams, any color will stand out against black (seasonal flowers, warm lighting, wood accents)

White Door: Clean, Simple, Timeless

Works With: any house color

Decorate With: Colors. All colors pop against white. (bright colored plants and flowers, wood accents).


First Steps

Begin with what you love about your house. Do you like your brick? Is it mostly red and orange? You might consider a peaceful grey-blue or earthy green door to compliment the natural brick tones.

Another way to get started is to consider what may need repaired or updated on the house. For instance, is the siding faded and needs repainted? This would be a good time to visualize an entirely new color scheme, and consider how the front door can compliment in a bold, festive, or natural way. A few suggestions of materials, lighting, landscaping and the right front door color could help you showcase the personality and the story of your home. We hope you are inspired to get started! If we can assist in your design adventures, reach out to us. We are here to help. And be sure share your transformation posts with us; we love to see your project progress!


About the Author:

Brad is the CEO & Founder of Visioneering Homes. He is passionate about all things architecture, residential design, and providing easy access for homeowners to professional design services. Him and his wife have 3 kids and enjoy an adventurous life in the mountains of the American west. When he is not helping you make design decisions for your home, he's camping, hiking, playing basketball, visiting museums, national parks, and doing house projects with his family.


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