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8 Curb Appeal Before & Afters : Exterior Designs That Stun!

Updated: May 22, 2021

Exterior Design Curb Appeal Transformations. These 8 Curb Appeal Before & Afters you need to see!

Exterior design can be challenging, but it can also be fun! These homeowners have worked with to help get design guidance for their home's curb appeal! Visioneering Homes is an exterior design company that empowers homeowners to tackle their own curb appeal designs. You send in photos of your home and with guidance from a licensed architect you can get online digital curb appeal delivered right to your inbox!

Check out the unbelievable before and after examples below. From landscaping, exterior paint, siding materials, roofing, provides direction with it all. They even can help you pick out a mailbox!

1. Colorado Midcentury Modern Before & After

This homeowner wanted a modern transformation for their dated modern split level. This home has good massing and good bones in an incredible location. By simplifying the colors and materials we can bring out the modern scheme. New low-profile, dark framed windows and a modern front door help to ground the design (beauty is in the details). Adding some wood elements and colorful drought tolerant landscaping help to bring some warmth to the overall design. Lastly a gathering space in the front helps complete a welcoming composition.

2. South Carolina Raised Ranch Curb Appeal Transformation

This is another great example of a home with favorable massing. A little color here, new garage doors and some little adjustments to the landscaping is all this home needs to go from bleh to beautiful! The added steps not only make walking to the door easier, it adds a level of interest to the front of the home.

3. New Jersey Raised Ranch Exterior Design

Another raised ranch home with a half-raised entry. Wood elements here to bring attention to the entry, a modern blue maintenance free siding and some landscape additions helped push this home exterior design over the top!

4. Colorado Craftsman Facelift

This Colorado ranch has a great arrangement and architecture however, the existing color, landscaping, and walkway left this home forgettable. By creating a visually-intriguing walkway, a semi-private patio and stone wall we were able to help bring a uniqueness to the entry. Adding landscaping to accent the new features and changing up the colors to add some weight and interest will make people slow down as they pass by.

5. Florida Coastal Modern Conversion

This homeowner wanted to bring a unique modern look to this coastal ranch with traditional stucco detailing. A new roof, paint scheme, light fixtures, modern shutters and a front door that adds a punch of color, gives this home the exterior design details it needs to stand out. Also see the different exterior designs we worked through in order to find the perfect door and trim color combination! You see how easy a single color can affect the entire scheme?!

6. South Florida Traditional Modernization

Similar to the design above, a traditional coastal stucco home gets a unique facelift to give it a more modern appeal. Replacing some of the gables with a cedar shake, bringing a color to the front entry, adding a gathering space near the entry and updating the color and landscaping bring a welcomed update to the curb appeal on this home!

7. Ohio Split Level Remodel

This Ohio split level presented some challenges to this exterior design. A strange skirt roof divide the lower and upper portions of this home and a pink colored block brings a challenge to the paint pallet. We removed the skirt roof, added a banding element to separate the upper brick and lower block and limewashed the brick and painted the stone to alter the color scheme. Adding a raised bed with some taller landscaping help break up the larger expanse of wall to the left of the home and a color pop at the front door helps to catch the attention.

8. Midwest Farmhouse Modern Color & Landscape

This homeowner came to us to help give some design to push their exterior design over the top. Some round planting beds and hardscaping balance the pointed edges on this modern farmhouse design. A new wood door, porch details, and white trim help to make this design pop. What a beautiful curb appeal transformation for this new farmhouse modern build!

If you're struggling with your home's exterior design then you need to visit We can help you find the curb appeal that matches your particular style and accents your home's unique architecture!


About the Author: Brad is the CEO & Founder of Visioneering Homes. He is passionate about all things architecture, residential design, and providing easy access for homeowners to professional design services. Him and his wife have 3 kids and enjoy an adventurous life in the mountains of the American west.


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